1. How long is each session?

Each session is 50 minutes long, normally once a week.*Please note if you are late for your session, we will still only be able to counsel you for the allotted time. For example: if your appointment is at 5pm for 50 minutes, and you do not arrive until 5.30pm your appointment will still finish as scheduled at 5.50pm. As although we appreciate unforeseen circumstances arise, we have a duty of care to all our clients to work to schedule; as hopefully you will appreciate.

2. What are the fees for each session?

Fees vary depending on circumstances and time of session, as follows:

Individuals – 75.00, Monday-Friday

Couples – 140.00, Monday – Friday

Families – 150.00, Monday – Friday

EAP prices upon request

Concessions are available upon request for: Students, OAP’s & Unemployed, Only available at the following times: from 8am-4pm Mon-Fri

(**Proof of circumstances will need to be provided at the first session, for concessions to apply**)

3. Can I self-refer?

You can self-refer, alternatively you can be referred by your G.P. You can also be referred through an Employee Assisted Program (EAP) via your company.

4. Is there a waiting room?

No, at present we have no waiting area for our clients, so we politely ask that you arrive for your appointment, on time, as we will not be able to accommodate any clients turning up more than 5 minutes early before their appointment time.

5. What should I expect from my first session?

The first session is a ‘fact-finding’ time for the counsellor to ascertain why you are seeking counselling, together with what issues you would like to tackle. It is also time for the counsellor to explain how they would work with you, and for you to see that the sessions are your own time, to explore your issues at a pace that is dictated by you.

6. What is expected of the client during the session?

There are no expectations placed upon the client, it is their time to use however they so wish. Whether the client chooses to remain silent for the 50 minutes duration. Or indeed if the client decides to bring many issues to the session, it is entirely their own choice, as it is their space to utilise how they see fit to do so. A client may often find themselves saying things they had not expected themselves to say, which highlights the benefit of counselling.

7. How many sessions will I need?

There are no strict guidelines, it is purely down to the individual, and their personal issues/needs. The counsellor will however conduct a review after six weeks to ascertain whether there is a need to continue with the counselling. This allows for progress to be recognised, together with an opportunity for the client to state how they feel the therapeutic relationship has helped them with their issues, thus far.

8. What happens if I need to cancel the session?

If you need to cancel the session, if cancelled within 48hrs, there will be no charge, if cancelled within less than 48hrs, the full fee will be charged. If however, due to unforeseen circumstances the counsellor needs to cancel, there will be no charge whatsoever, and the appointment will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

*Please note 48hrs, is prior to the time your appointment was due, therefore if you have an appointment at 9am Wednesday morning, the appointment would need to be cancelled prior to 9am Monday morning if you are unable to attend, for no charges to be incurred, as our cancellation policy operates Monday-Friday only. If you phone to cancel of a weekend, this will not be accepted as part of the 48hrs notice, as it is not a working day. Therefore; if your appointment is on a Tuesday, so as to not incur the cancellation fee – we will need to know on a Friday, any appointments cancelled of a weekend, will still incur the full cancellation fee, if less than 48hrs working days notice is given (Monday – Friday).